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Protection of the environment had always been the priority to our firm.

For this reason, we invest annually in the search for ever greener solutions to reduce our environmental impact and guarantee services that combine quality and sustainability for our customers.

Fattorini guarantees environmental sustainability through:

The reduction of CO2 emissions

The reduction of fuel consumption

The increase in active and passive safety

Company courses reserved for drivers for ecological driving

In particular, the operation of combined road/rail routes plays a key role in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

All consignments destined for Western Switzerland travel on rail wagons that are loaded at our warehouses in Chiasso, where we also load our semi-trailers destined for the Aarau and Basel regions onto HUPAC wagons on a daily basis.

Since 2013, part of the daily traffic destined for German-speaking Switzerland has been handled by swap bodies crossing the Alps by rail (combined transport with SBB CFF SBB Cargo).

In 2023, our company succeeded in:

save around 1,247 road trips

avoid the emission of approximately 282 tonnes of CO2

From January 2024, we will also be operating daily on the new Stabio-Gossau/SG and Stabio-Oensingen lines, which will complement the already operational Stabio-Dietikon route.

Thanks to combined road/rail transport, our company can:

Transport ADR goods

Guarantee punctual delivery

Protect the environment