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Protection of the environment had always been the priority to our firm. We are committed to this in all aspects of our work and use the following:

vehicles of the latest generation (Euro 6)

training our drivers in ecological matters

on-going development of the combined road/rail transport

For the last two years the goods for the Suisse Romande have been sent by rail.

Since May 2013 part of the transportation to the German speaking part of Switzerland is carried out by swap bodies passing through the ALPS each day by combined transportation road/rail in collaboration with the SBB CFF FFS Cargo.

It is our intention to increase this method of transportation thanks to the excellent offers by SBB DFF FFS Cargo. The combined transportation road/rail provides the following advantages:

transporting of ADR-goods

on-time delivery 

  preservation of the environment

Road/rail transports offers the best solution to protecting the environment.

We load our semi trailers onto HUPAC wagons to reach the regions of Aarau and Basel every day.