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Fattorini are mainly engaged in distributing goods nationally from Ticino to all over Switzerland, on a daily basis, using combined transport. However we also specialize in transporting all kinds of goods internationally, particularly between Switzerland and Italy.

Our location in Novazzano means that we are next to the motorway junction, the railway and close to the Italian Border.

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Tailored service for short and long distances. We offer regional, national, international and special transportations.


We transport any kind of merchandise using  environmentally friendly vehicles and the rail network, enabling us to make the least possible impact on the environment.


Security and safety during transportation and storage are a major priority for our firm.


We are committed to the importance of environmental sustainability. We invest every year in the most modern and efficient vehicles which have the least impact on the environment. We have a wide range of these efficient and ecological vehicles, enabling us to meet any requirement of our clients.

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