The Volvo FH with I-SAVE technology combines the new Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine with a package of higt-tech functions that allow significant fuel savings and therefore a substantial lowering of polluting emissions.

The second turbine (Turbo Compound) extracts the residual energy from the exhaust gases and converts it into mechanical energy, with this system we recover energy that would otherwise be lost in the catalyst and transform it into torque at low revs (300 Nm more than standard version).

AdBlue consumption also decreases (up to 40%) thanks to an exhaust gas recirculation system with cooling that considerably reduces the production of nitrogen oxides.

The whole kinematic chain is optimized:

• I-SEE. The vehicle uses high definition maps to exploit the kinetic energy in hilly routes
• I-SHIFT. Specific gearbox with software optimized for long haul
• I-CRUISE with I-ROLL. It maintains constant speed and disconnects the motor when not needed
• Efficient differential. Less internal friction needs less energy

Many other components have been modified to have greater efficiency because every single drop is important!