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Our commitment to greater environmental sustainability in the transport sector leads us to invest annually in the latest generation of vehicles.

In fact, Fattorini Autotrasporti has the latest generation of vehicles (Euro 6) that are more efficient and environmentally friendly, capable of both meeting the needs of our customers and reducing our environmental impact.

All the Volvo FH vehicles with I-SAVE technology in our fleet combine the new Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine with a package of high-tech features that allow significant fuel savings and thus a considerable reduction in pollutant emissions.

The second turbine (Turbo Compound) extracts residual energy from the exhaust gases and converts it into mechanical energy. Thanks to this system, energy that would otherwise be lost in the catalytic converter can be recovered and converted into torque at low revs (300 Nm more than the standard version).

AdBlue consumption is also reduced (by up to 40 per cent) thanks to an exhaust gas recirculation system with cooling, which significantly reduces the production of nitrogen oxides.

The entire driveline is therefore optimised:

  I-SEE. The vehicle uses high-definition maps to harness kinetic energy in hilly terrain

  I-SHIFT. Specific gearbox with long-range optimised software

  I-CRUISE with I-ROLL. Maintains constant speed and disconnects the engine when not needed

  Efficient differential. Less internal friction requires less energy

Many other components of our vehicles have been modified to be more energy efficient.

Our commitment to ever greener logistics solutions continues, and we are currently in the process of introducing new electric vehicles for regional routes into our Euro 6 fleet – used in long-distance transport.

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