Massimo Fattorini


The company Fratelli Fattori Sagl was established by 4 brothers on 19 March 1944 in Balerna. Originally it was a factory producing soap, soda, wax and related merchandise.

In 1981 the firm started to move goods from other companies. It distributed these in Ticino, using just two delivery vans and two trucks. The transport fleet grew as the firm began to specialize in transporting goods to the German speaking parts of Switzerland and to Italy for the main forwarding agencies in Chiasso. The manufacturing side of the business gradually decreased. 

In 1986 the company was taken over by cousins Elio and Pietro Fattorini and moved to a new location in Via Torracia 17a, Novazzano. They changed the name to Fattorini Autotrasporti Sagl. Trasporti Svizzera-Italia, Maggazino e Stoccaggio per merce di ogni genere.

After Elio Fattorni died, his sons Massimo and Stefano took over the management of the firm.

Currently we employ 74 members of staff and have a fleet of 60 vehicles.

Nowadays, Fattorini has the reputation of being the most significant haulage operator in Ticino. We are mainly engaged in distributing goods at a national level, transporting from Ticino to all over Switzerland on a daily basis, also by combined transport.  

However, we also transport all kinds of good on an international level, particularly between Switzerland and Italy. 

Our company transports goods such as furniture, clothing foodstuff and pharmaceutical products but also specializes in items such as dangerous chemicals.

Our location in Novazzano means that we are next to the motorway junction and close to the Italian Border.